Hi there, I’m Teresa Lindsay

I’m the catalyst who helps
businesses, individuals,
and brands reach way beyond
their goals! I am an awarded, experienced promoter,
brand developer, trade show spokesperson, fashion designer and
marketing expert who consults for individuals or teams.
In short, I get things done!

What I do.

Re-style, re-brand, re-build, re-train, and re-focus businesses, staff, projects, a company’s image and a person’s sense of style for their next level of success.

Leadership Training

The staff and management in any retail or service based industry require a modernized “refreshed” approach which will motivate them, inform them, and increase their productivity. AsĀ an independent third party, I advise on which changes to implement and how to formalize new systems to improve results.

Courses & Consulting

  • Merchandising
  • 21st Century Marketing
  • Product Branding
  • ReBrand & Increase Sales
  • Trade Show Prep
  • Stylist Training
  • Personal Image

Product Styling

Every product deserves optimal presentation. The perfect location, the perfect staged set, the right model, the right props and everything prepared to situate your product for the photo shoot or video recording that will match the brand image you want.

Strengths & Skills

I can create all new ways for people to finally, really see and hear what you or your product can do.

Identifying New Trends
Stomping Out BS
Last Minute Decisions
Patience for Phonies
Waiting In Line

Let’s work together

I’m always interested in discussing new projects. If your business, or branding, or personal image needs something fresh let me know.