The Story you tell yourself about your everyday experiences DETERMINES how you move forward into a new and improved FUTURE STORY.

What I do.

I re-focus people, groups and leaders on how to positively imprint their mind to open themselves up to their next level of success and maintain it for a lifetime!

Leadership for Life

What in your life is not working right now?

Whatever it is, you need to learn how to manage what your mind feeds off of every day.

It’s what you don’t see that is holding you back.

All the habits, all the self-talk about trying to fit in or be accepted, all the blame and all the memories from when you were four; they are still playing out in your life as an adult. Are you ready to know how to let it go?

“Many successful people have one major commonality… they were ‘Underdogs’ in terms of social opportunities and status; take for example Oprah, Whoopi Goldberg and John Paul DeJoria
(co-founder of the Paul Mitchell empire).”

So how did they do it? Every great leader and inspiring person demonstrates qualities others aspire to obtain but often do not fully realize the amount of personal development that goes into living a fulfilled life or dream. It’s what they told themselves every day.

Pick any historic leader, or thinker of our time, such as Steve Jobs. What was one of his practices? What did he feed his mind? Look at his book of choice – the “Autobiography of a Yogi.”

A practice, or series, of daily routines ‘with good intention’ make good leaders; although that doesn’t mean they do everything perfectly.

  • Learn the practice of intention used for centuries to gain success
  • Adjust daily – based on the events of your week
  • Create positive behaviors – strengthen your impact on your life
  • Learn to Leverage BROADER perspective and progress in rapid time

Building your renewed zest for life and a plan for success in business takes more than brains; it’s fulfilling your true potential by overcoming limiting beliefs.


The Journal

“If there is a good will, there is a great way!” ~ Shakespeare


The Journal

Switch on your life…

Inspired by the hurtles, successes and near tragedies in my life I wanted to share I remained happy through it all and how I took myself from $250 in the bank to $100k a year income in only six months (and it wasn’t by selling something on the internet)!

“And it wasn’t the first time I had gone from nothing to six figures. Except, this time I was cheated and a single mom! And still, nothing changed the fact that I am an incredibly happy person!”

I understood from a young age that at different times and in different ways we all face loss, loneliness, heartbreak, deceit, pain, emotional or physical struggles. And I also knew that a brighter future would depend on how I managed my feelings and my thoughts so I could rise above it all, again… and again!


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Strengths & Skills

I can create all new ways for people to finally see and hear what they or their company and or product can do to fulfill their greater vision.

Identifying New Trends
Breaking Down the Bigger Vision
Implementing Strategies
Opening Doors
Matching People to Opportuniy


It’s life!
And happiness and success are up to you and your mind, literally!