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“Many successful people have this one particular thing in common. They were all, at some stage of life, ‘Underdogs’ in terms of social opportunities and status. So how did they become what they became?” ~T.L.

So how did they do it?

Every great leader and inspiring person demonstrates qualities others aspire to obtain. What others struggle to realize is the vast amount of personal development that goes on behind the scenes for these individuals to push past the mental distractions and fulfill their life’s dreams.

It’s what they told themselves every day.

Pick any historic leader, or thinker of our time, such as Steve Jobs. What was one of his daily practices? What did he feed his mind? What did he read? Let’s look at his book of choice – the “Autobiography of a Yogi.”

Building your renewed zest for life and a plan for success in business takes more than brains; it’s fulfilling your true potential by overcoming limiting beliefs.

Imagine everyone on the same page.

The flower, in case you are wondering, was worn by all speakers at this particular event.

A practice, or series, of daily routines ‘with good intention’ make good leaders; although that doesn’t mean they do everything perfectly.

  • Learn the practice of intention used for centuries to gain success
  • Adjust daily – based on the events of your week
  • Create positive behaviors – strengthen your impact on your life
  • Learn to Leverage BROADER perspective and progress in rapid time

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