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An island retreat to the natural west coast is exactly what you need to release worry, breathe fresh air and find yourself again.

Join me on these five days of ocean, rainforests, beaches and sun to reset your mind and lift your spirits. Allow yourself to reconnect and listen.

You may just find everything you want.

Your mind is programmed. Your story keeps you there. Change the story! Give yourself permission to go anywhere. Develop THE reason you get up every day!

Destination: Vancouver Island
Host & Guest Speaker: Teresa Lindsay
Mindset Guest Speaker: TBA
Mind & Body Guest Speaker: TBA
Body & Health Guest Speaker: TBA

Expected confirmation for Mid-May 2019!

What’s stopping you?
Reset your positive mind. Set a plan to make it happen – this year, next year but make it happen. If you feel limited by something in any area of your life, I’ll share this; isn’t it remarkable that as a single parent, woman of colour, an African American, Maya Diangelo moved several times to pursue¬†her professional dreams in a time in history when that would have seemed impossible socially.

To follow what is right for you makes you a healthier and stronger example to those who come into your life and who are meant to stick. So, if there is some kind of set limitation to doing what you want for yourself look for the answer by getting still, listening and going to PLAN B!